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We have always told stories to make sense of life, the world, and our place in it. Stories give us meaning and perspectives on the challenges we face. That’s why choosing the right words is the key to successful communication: it allows us to understand people and situations better, establish trust and respect, and help us find solutions. My job is to organize your ideas into powerful words and impactful sentences to make your project stand out.



I’m a content specialist with a journalism foundation. I spent nearly 17 years working as a reporter and editor in the media industry before being swept up into the marketing universe as a copywriter and copyeditor. Now I blend the skills I learned on both sides (editorial and advertising) and the techniques I developed to help bring out your best through the written words.

I have roots in South America. I grew my career while living in the insane pace of the fascinating São Paulo, Brazil, until I made my way to the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, USA. The fresh air from the mountains inspires me and keeps my mind clean to create original and unique material for people and companies all over the world, regardless of their nature and time zones.

You can count on me as a reliable collaborator, organized, and very open-minded. With a strong combination of the proper approach, expertise, and style, I help you achieve your goals. I’m here to save your time and energy so that you can focus on your strengths.



Your project is unique and I'd love to hear about your ideas! Tell me your story so I can help you achieve your goals.

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